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Random Thoughts 2 Replies

TORN When I think of the good times the smiles and the glee of Being with you Laughing Smiling Warmth Security When I think of the bad times the frowns and the tears of Being with you Tears Hurt…Continue

Started by Lady D. Last reply by Lady D Jul 8, 2013.

I Ain’t Never Written No Love Poem 2 Replies

I Ain’t Never Written No Love Poem I ain't never written no love poemI ain't never been able to express how your every utteranceIs like a baby's first smile to my ear's eye.I ain't never been able to…Continue

Tags: love, spoken, word, poet, poem

Started by Balogun Ojetade. Last reply by Balogun Ojetade Dec 10, 2012.

The Good Ship Jesus

 The Good Ship Jesus*The Good Ship Jesus", or the "Jesus of Lubeck," was a 700-ton ship that would become the first vessel to bring Blacks, as slaves, from Africa to the Americas I am Mandinka…Continue

Tags: maafa, passage, Afrika, Africa, Afrikan

Started by Balogun Ojetade Dec 9, 2012.



Started by Balogun Ojetade Dec 9, 2012.

For All African American Haiku 3 Replies

your skin against mineflawless, no mistakelike a starless nightContinue

Tags: haiku

Started by Lanie Shanzyra P. Rebancos. Last reply by Tellmeasecret Oct 12, 2012.

Trees Love Me Tanka 3 Replies

I went on the internet to read about tankas and then tried my hand at it. Tell me tanka readers, does this make it?Trees Love Me TankaI'm warm in hereOut there it's20 degreesthe treesare confusedThey…Continue

Tags: tanka, &, forms, poetry

Started by Violet. Last reply by Tellmeasecret Oct 12, 2012.

Today I Gave Tears some sneakers, and Jimmy Choos and Jessica Simpson Shoes

Today/ I gave tearssneakerssome Jimmy Choosand Jessica Simpson shoes. They/ were running so fast down this sistaz cheeks I asked them did their feet hurt when they ran barefoot?I gave chase/they/…Continue

Tags: poetry, word, spoken

Started by Tellmeasecret Oct 9, 2012.


                                        THEY KEPT LOOKIN' AT ME When I look out into the audience and I see people looking at me, I can’t really tell if they like what they see.The expression on…Continue

Started by Carmen M. Hall Aug 25, 2011.


Let me tell you about this man his name is Archie B. Free, he done me wrong and now has to answer to me; he took me on a high like never before; then he pushed me in the cold and locked the…Continue

Started by Carmen M. Hall Aug 16, 2011.


For some they will never see how wounded I am inside, the hurt that I feel everyday, that I try and constantly hide. You would never know what I’m going through, it would be just a “crime” the stress…Continue

Started by Carmen M. Hall Jul 15, 2011.

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Comment by HoodWrittens on November 5, 2012 at 8:16pm

I sent you a message and I hope you take heed, see sometimes we don't know what it is we need. Others from the outside that we refuse to trust, can often see our faults a little better than us. We like to think at times that we just can't win, forgetting the strength that lies within. Have more confidence because that's what you'll need.... Especially if you plan to succeed!

Comment by Tellmeasecret on October 9, 2012 at 11:00am

Peace and poetry family.  Like most of the fam, and some of the older heads in here, I began doing spoken word when the Saul Williams SLAM movie came out.  Loved what that brotha did with words.  I was hitting every open mic I could after that.  Thats when I started reading more too.  He would use words and drop so much knowledge in his delivery you were left saying there is so much I don't know, I gotta go read.  After Love Jones came out my mission statement changed, I'll spit for the pussy,lol.  me and my pen have shapeshifted too many  We have been the militant poet, the erotic poet, the eclectic orisha poet, ashe, the knowledge poet, the word play poet, now I think I have balance.  Looking forward to building with all the fam in here, write on, write on

Comment by HoodWrittens on December 14, 2011 at 8:30pm

What happened to the hunger for me that I use to see in your eyez,,

        Did it like time flys leave too?

I still have that hunger in my eyez for you.

   Familiarity can bring scorn,

Make you rue the day you were born,

  And I see disappointment and something else in your eyez,

               What can I do to make you realize,

We won't always be where we are..... My love for you has lasted thus far...

    What we strive for is not behind us...

What must I do to remind us,,,, If love looks for us will it find us?

   If love looks into every part of me: Love will find that,,,,,,,,,

 You're the heart of me!!!!

Is the hunger and passion hiding behind a mask,,,,,

                                           Why you ask?

I can't see it, it's in disguise..... But still I keep looking for it in your eyez....

           Should I just stop and let it be,,,,

All the while asking; where's your love for me?

                               Fuk that.... They say the soul is in the eyez...

But sometimes they even tell you lies...

                         I'll end my question and answer session,,,

I've already learned my lesson......

      The love of people is a fickle thing,,,,

Look at all the shit loving others bring......

      But this I have to say............. Love rules the day!!!!!

Comment by HoodWrittens on November 28, 2011 at 8:33pm

How do you mourn the death of a dream,

           especially when it's like your life is bursting at the seams?

How do you go on when your passion dies,

          How do you face the world when your grief shows in your eyes?

When the dream dies do you die too,

          Remember first and foremost that the dream is you?

The passion to live your dream is laying up in the morgue,

        An autopsy in store, to find the cause of it's death and resurect it once more.

         My dream still lives, frail, weak, disoriented and out of sort,

                      For now it's in I.C.U on life support! 

Comment by HoodWrittens on August 24, 2011 at 10:47pm

Human is the name we share in common, but does it actually describe us?

Are we still human when we do shit that makes others despise us?

Hue means color and heaven knows we come in every shade, but so do animals that were wonderfully made.

My folk need to know that even when your acts are those of an animal, that ain't you man! We are the first folk, from us we gave HUE to MAN! 

Comment by HoodWrittens on August 24, 2011 at 10:38pm
I'v been blessed with the opportunity to witness overt racism as well as covert. I'm a child of the 60's and I must give thanks for still being here when so many of the ones I knew are dead and gone. I've studied the his-story of my people and it saddens me that we still suffer from the residual of slavery. Every ethnic group that arrives on these shores know that there is strength in numbers. We who have been here for over 400 years seem to be getting our info from a different source. Our support of each other is shameful to say the least. We got it twisted!
Comment by HoodWrittens on April 26, 2011 at 10:52pm

Can you truly relate to the struggle that's mine alone, or are you too concerned with the struggle that's yours alone? Can you feel my disappointment when I don't hear from you, Or are you too busy to even find out what I'm goin through?

I miss you even though we've never met, you ask how I can miss someone I don't know yet?

Well that's not difficult as far as I can see, I miss you cause you're a part of me!!

Comment by Carmen M. Hall on April 25, 2011 at 9:53am



Look into my heart, not my face, because the look on my face is that of total disgrace.  My heart is crying not my eyes; my face displays that of someone who died.


My heart is calling out for someone to love me; my face has a look, of someone who left me.  My heart has all the feelings that my face should express; my heart has felt every emotion that my face rejects.



Comment by Carmen M. Hall on April 21, 2011 at 2:36pm
I'm looking forward to reading that.
Comment by Paper Citty on April 21, 2011 at 1:46pm

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