Popular culture glamorizes the "Thug Life", but V. gillis, Jr. knows better. The author of Trigger Happy - a story of one man's struggle to escape the murder and mayhem of the streets to build a life with the woman he loves - live a life of gangs, drugs and violence. He knows how quickly this lifestyle can lead to it inevitable conclusion of the penitentiary or perhaps, death.

          "I can relate to what the poor, disenfranchised inner city youths are going through today," says V. Gillis, Jr., who is an author and a man who has experienced 17-years in prison. "I was once wild and lived a carefree life as a teenager growing up in the 'hood. I was exposed to the criminal elements of the streets at a very early age, and I know what consequences you suffer when you indulge in living a criminal lifestyle."

          Trigger Happy chronicles the efforts of Black Pearl to break free of a life of crime and fast living, as he grapples with a series of murders and betrayals which try to keep him in the grasp of primitive street life. While gripping and explosive, Trigger Happy transcends urban fiction as a sobering cautionary tale written by an individual who has been there.

          Coming as it does from an author who knows that street life for the deadly illusion it is, Trigger Happy is a novel that will sweep readers along in its compelling story and leave them with a warning about the misery that invariably waits at the end of the road....

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